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The Syrian Society for Scientific Research (SSSR) is looking to hire a Business Administration/Economic Studies/Accounting student intern for two weeks during official university winter break in Syria. The student is required to work at home for 3-4 hours per day on a daily basis and should have electricity and Internet access.


The student intern will be tasked with research and data collection required to build SSSR Research Funding Agencies database. Estimated outcome is 15 to 20 funding agencies per day for 15 days. The student is also required to deliver at the end a statistical report about the developed database. The student intern will be working under close supervision from some experienced SSSR members.

Time frame:

Feb 14th - Feb 28th (can be shifted to match student schedule)


8000 Syrian pounds for 15 days (paid at the end of the internship)


  • Current final/pre-final year undergraduate student at any public or private Syrian university in the following majors:
    Business Administration/Economic Studies/Accounting
  • Good academic status (among best 20% of his/her class).
  • Excellent communication skills.

Interested applicants should send their resume, unofficial transcripts and a cover letter to admin [AT] syssr [DOT] org using the following email subject: A03 - First name Last name

Application deadline is February 5th, 2014.

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